10 Worth-It Ways for Seniors to Get Good Sleep

10 Worth-It Ways for Seniors to Get Good Sleep

If you have a senior loved one at home, then you should read this. As their primary caregiver, you have to ensure that they’re sleeping well or they can be at risk for falls, which is more dangerous for their health. If your loved one doesn’t have any particular illness or mental condition, getting them to sleep can be facilitated with some strategies.

As a provider of non-medical home care in Pearland, Texas, we would like to impart these helpful ways to encourage your senior loved one to sleep:

  1. Be physically active
    Assist your loved one in an age-appropriate exercise regimen to help the release of endorphins. These hormones can uplift your aging loved one’s mood; hence, they can be enticed to sleep as a result.
  2. Stay away from caffeine
    Especially right before bedtime, make sure that they don’t drink caffeinated drinks. These elements can inhibit the sleep factor and change their sleeping pattern.
  3. Review their medications
    Some medicines can result in sleeping problems as side effects. If your loved one is experiencing sleeping problems, report this to their doctor so they can make adjustments.
  4. Keep the pets out
    While pets may be conducive for your aging family member’s mental wellness, they might do things that can disrupt sleep at night. Let the pets sleep in another area of the room.
  5. Dim the room
    A darkened room can help induce sleep as it conditions the brain to a relaxing environment.
  6. Set a calm mood
    Inside your loved one’s room, you can play some classical music and put in an aromatic smell so their minds and emotions can relax. This can help them sleep better.
  7. Meditate
    Being able to relax is a key element in sleeping well. If your loved one is not into meditation, you can encourage them to read or just set your home to a quiet in their sleeping hours.
  8. Follow a routine
    Setting a routine that your loved one can easily follow will also set their body clock accordingly. Help them to comply with a regular routine before bedtime.
  9. Cool down the room
    A cooler room temperature can also help your loved one to sleep well. Although, you also have to remember that too much cold is not good for the senior’s skin.
  10. No drinking water in bed
    Right before bedtime, don’t drink water as the urge to urinate can wake them up in the middle of the night. This might make it difficult for your loved one to go back to sleep.

At 1 Golden Life Home Care, we put your loved one’s best interests in every care we provide. When your senior loved one has sleeping difficulties and would need some assistance in the middle of the night, you can tap the help of our staff in providing Home Care in Texas.

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