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Non-Medical Home Care in Pearland, Texas

caregiver and elderly patient

Daily Life Activities are those that most people can easily do and complete on their own – sometimes, they might need a little help. These activities are important in order for individuals to live their lives with some sense of normalcy and structure. It is important to establish one’s wellbeing no matter how old you are. However, at times, these activities can be difficult to do, especially when the individuals are sick, injured or disabled.

As a well-known provider of Home Care in Texas, the main purpose of 1 Golden Life Home Care is to provide comfort and convenience to these people. We are a provider of non-medical home care services. Through our services, we assist clients of all ages with daily activities that are instrumental in living better lives.

Aside from quality services, we also take pride in the qualifications of our home care personnel. They are trained to provide the assistance required by the clients according to their respective care plans. Most importantly, they understand the situations of our clients at a deeper level.

Our Mission
As a non-medical home care provider, it is our mission to help our clients live comfortable and convenient lives. We do all that we can to improve their health and promote their comfort despite their illnesses, injuries or disabilities. We approach their care needs by making sure we provide exceptional services in an efficient and timely manner.

Allow us to help you or your loved one in living a comfortable life through Non-Medical Home Care in Pearland, Texas and its nearby locations. You may call 1 Golden Life Home Care at 832-664-9462 to discuss your situation and our services.