Tips for Healthy Senior Skin and Nail Care at Home

Tips for Healthy Senior Skin and Nail Care at Home

Our skin’s elastic quality can lose its glow based on varying factors like sun exposure, lifestyle, and diet. But by taking steps to take good care of our bodies, good skin quality can also follow. Heavy smoking and excessive drinking can lead to premature aging because of the free radicals that linger in the body. But by being aware of the things we expose our bodies to, we can delay our body’s natural process of aging.

By ensuring these skin and nail care tips at home and with the help of our team providing non-medical home care in Pearland, Texas, your senior loved one can slowly experience lesser discomforts in the coming days.

  • Provide Moisturizing Lotions
    The loss of oil glands that help soften our skin is the very reason why we lose our skin’s elasticity, as we get older. To relieve your senior loved ones from skin problems due to aging, provide moisturizing lotions to fight off skin dryness and itchiness. Thinning skin can bruise easily.
  • Ask Them For Nail Concerns
    Seniors may also experience problems with flexibility and with this, they may be unable to reach their toes and give themselves a good nail trimming. Ask them if they have any ingrown toenail discomforts, onychomycosis, or a nail fungal infection so that this matter can be brought to a nail doctor for treatment.
  • Secure Comfortable Footwear
    To also prevent bad posture and foot problems, make sure they use comfortable footwear that is good for walking. A comfortable pair of soles with extra padding will help support their weight and will help with proper footing for all-day comfort. Good footwear helps with their balance and it can help prevent falls on slippery surfaces, too.

Your family can definitely take these steps to help prevent skin and nail discomforts in your senior loved ones, but for times when you need someone to extend your love, count on our home health care to be there for your senior family members.

At 1 Golden Life Home Care, we help provide quality care and oversight for your senior’s healthy skin and nails at home.

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