What Changes Affect a Senior’s Health and Nutrition?

What Changes Affect a Senior’s Health and Nutrition?

Every person changes, physically, emotionally, mentally, and in a host of other factors. In the aging years, these changes can become more pronounced especially when their overall health is affected. As you let us be your providers of non-medical home care in Pearland, Texas, let us impart with you this knowledge to help equip you in caring for a senior loved one at home.

  • Physical Health
    In the senior years, our loved one can be at risk of the reduced immune system. While this is very natural for every aging person, something can also be done about it. Your loved one may need to take supplements to boost their immune system or they have to be careful when eating foods that can put them at risk from food-borne illnesses. Ensure that you can double-check the welfare and condition of your aging loved one.
  • Calorie Adjustment
    It’s not ideal for seniors to gain extra weight. Eating foods rich in calories is the main trigger for this unhealthy weight gain, aside from affecting the way they can be active. Be watchful of your aging loved one’s diet so that they can stay away from the calories that are not good for their health. When you know they need assistance, request the presence of professionals providing Home Care in Texas.
  • Appetite Changes
    A senior person’s appetite also changes in the aging season. This can be due to the diminishing of their basic senses. For instance, when your loved one has vision issues, they can’t see the food properly, and this can affect the way they can be attracted to the food. Their sense of smell can also decline as they age, which can affect the way their appetite is triggered. When you observe that your loved one is showing low appetite, they might need supervision and home health care.
  • Chronic Diseases
    The aging years can also expose a person to illnesses, particularly chronic ones. When these diagnoses are already present, your loved one will have dietary restrictions. These restrictions are intended for them to maintain their overall health so that they can still enjoy quality life in their aging season.
  • Medications
    Along with diseases are the medications that seniors need or are prescribed to take. Some medicines can affect one’s appetite and taste buds, consequently affecting their overall health. When your loved one is taking medications and they’re not eating well, it will be ideal to consult the doctor to confirm if the appetite loss is part of the side effects.

When it comes to ensuring the overall welfare of your senior family member in their aging years, you can trust our quality care services at 1 Golden Life Home Care. Whenever you need extra hands to assist you at home, or when someone needs to step in for you in caring for your beloved, feel free to contact us.

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